Pediatric Foot Problems

Growth should not be a painful process. Soreness and cramping in the feet and legs are not normal. Often parents are told that their children may "grow out of it." This may be true in some cases but a level of reassurance from a specialist can go a long way in easing a parents' concern. We encourage parents to have their children examined annually. Childhood foot conditions like flat feet, curved feet, toe walking, in-toeing and out-toeing, can cause the child to walk or run in ways that are unnatural. This can lead to more serious foot, leg and motor problems later in life.


Intoeing is a term used to describe how a child walks or runs when the feet turn inward instead of pointing straight ahead. This is often first noticed as a child begins to walk and may cause the child to stumble or fall. In some cases the intoeing is associated with pain, swelling or a limp 

Toe Walking

Toe walking is condition often found in young toddlers. This is a condition in which a person walks on their toes while putting very little weight on any other part of the foot. This can be caused by many factors and typically needs to be evaluated by a doctor to determine if treatment is necessary.