Hammertoe deformity is a structural deformity in which abnormal biomechanics cause the toe(s) to contract at one, two or all three of the joints within that toe. When in its early stages, the deformity is flexible.  Normally hammertoes by themselves are not painful, but with foot wear, the prominent knuckle of the toe rubs the shoe, producing an area of irritation which eventually forms a corn.

Temporary relief of painful symptoms can be achieved by having one of our podiatrists debride (trim) the corn often present with this deformity. When the contracture becomes rigid and nonflexible and increased swelling and pain persist, then surgical correction might become necessary to alleviate symptoms.

Ingrown nails are caused when the nail is incurvated (turned in) and penetrates the skin. The improper trimming of the nails, tight shoes, or injury to the nail can cause ingrown toenails to worsen. Early and mild ingrown nails are slightly painful and red. Later, more severe cases result in red, swollen nail boarders which might pus over. Partial removal of the corner of the nail usually gives prompt relief. If this condition becomes chronic, then permanent nail removal of the corner might be suggested.